Home Owners/Smaller Jobs

In addition to the larger additions/remodels, Lofgren Construction Co. does dozens of smaller kitchen and bathroom renovations, as well as patios, decks, hardscapes and minor remodels each year. We focus on providing the highest level of improvement to your home within your budget.  We are happy to provide design services for our customers. Lofgren Construction gives the same attention to detail, quality and value for every job we undertake.

Handyman Services

What if you don’t need a remodeling contractor, but just have a list of repairs and maintenance projects? No problem!  Lofgren Construction Co. proudly handles all levels of service calls.  Give us your “honey-do” list. Whether it is adjusting doors that don’t operate properly, fixing leaky shower enclosures, adding lights, ceiling fans or additional closet shelving, let our expert staff take care of your needs. Your home is your most important investment, but keeping up with repairs and maintenance can be a real hassle.  Many of our customers also ask us to take care of seasonal maintenance items.  We can provide these services as well; including painting, gutter cleaning, pressure washing, servicing mechanical equipment, turning off hose bibs, and any other seasonal chores specific to your home.

Keeping up with maintenance will protect your investment and prevent little problems from becoming large ones.

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